Airbnb HAUS

Sundance Film Festival 2016




Park City, Utah


Experiential brand activation,
Sundance Film Festival


Airbnb, CIVIC Entertainment


The Sundance Film Festival at its heart is about the act of storytelling, the 2016 Airbnb Haus was a vessel for that. The theme Airbnb created was ‘Local Characters live here’. It was a place for festival goers to come and actively participate, enjoy, and leave their mark.  

Art installations, and activities  were strategically placed throughout the venue to heighten participants’ experiences, and connections in a deeply personal way at the festival itself.

Brandon Dawes created small printers that when engaged with would print the story of someone from some place in the world telling the story of their own neighborhood.  Each piece after printed was hung on a “japanese prayer tree” like structure to connect everyones stories together as one.

Shared Studios Created a “ Portal” for people to connect with someone from Mexico, Iraq, and other locations across the globe, people would talk, dance, and share experiences together at the exact same time. 

The stage was used nightly from small intimate concerts to events like the “Moth”, the  stories are true, as remembered by the storyteller and always told live.

“At the heart of every film, there is a cast of characters that bring it to life. The same can be said about the characters we meet in the places we call home. These local characters entertain us, draw us in, they make our worlds worth sharing…” Airbnb.

As seen on DESIGNBOOM:

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WOW atelier Gregory Walker, Ethan Barley

WOW+ Benjamin Wiemeyer, John Burdick, Christoper Henderson


CIVIC Entertainment Jennifer Boardman, Jamie Masters, William Quinby, Nick Weaver, Rustin Olson, Andrew Yoo.

Airbnb Christian Rongavilla

TMP; Trevor Muhler

and collaborations with the following artists: Brandon Dawes, McSweeny, and Portals.

airbnb haus park city interior
airbnb haus park city interior
airbnb haus park city interior
airbnb haus park city interior