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Our motivation |  fuel change:

Our goal is to make a difference in the communities we engage with.  We are an insanely diverse creative studio with skills in architecture, graffiti, branding, exhibit design & fabrication, intermedia sculpture, and painting. We believe we can tackle any problem as long as we have an open mind and a willingness to work tirelessly to solve it.  We are motivated by genuine results, and fearlessly deploy every resource to prove it and will do whatever it takes to become agents of change. We have run international design competitions in our city pro bono because we knew the ideas would spark inspiration.  We have painted one hundred and fifty foot murals because we know it adds to the rich tapestry of Salt Lake City and makes our streets more interesting and vibrant.  We have created events that bring design to the forefront of the conversation amongst all creative disciplines. We have worked with multibillion dollar companies to help bring meaningful dialogue and content to events like the Sundance Film Festival. WOW Atelier was founded with the core belief that when we apply our passion, talents, resources, and dedication to fighting the status quo, we do make a difference.

Our Passion for our clients:

We are simultaneously a passionate client centric design firm; simply stated, without our clients we have no projects. We have a belief that what makes every project we touch unique is our clients. We are incredibly humbled they trust us to partner with them in order to take their beautiful and complex ideas and turn into reality.

The approach to every problem  we encounter:

We Listen, we are passionate, we are humble, and we tirelessly deploy every skill we have!

Gregory Walker | founding member

Walker is passionate about creating meaningful work that makes a difference!  For him this can be in the form of running design competitions, creating environmental installations,  branded environments, hosting Pecha Kucha Nights, or pure architecture, it’s all about being an agent of change, and resisting status quo.  But he is equally fierce about making sure every client that walks into the studio has an unforgettable experience.  He is the amped up passionate heartbeat of WOW and starts each day fueled by the idea you need to go out and do something in order to make a difference, not talk about it!

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Chimso Onwuegbu | founding member

Onwuegbu’s calm style is the glue that holds  WOW together,  he has an amazing ability to always keep the big picture in focus, and frankly seems to be able to solve any problem.  He has over 13 years of experience as licensed architect field and is insanely passionate about his clients.   He is obsessed with resort towns, and how they function, hence the reason he spends so much time working and exploring Park City.




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Benjamin Wiemeyer | founding member

Growing up his parent’s always supported and encouraged art making, his Father worked as a contractor, his Mother (A beautiful human being who left this world far too soon.) had a background in interior design, and Grandmother who was a painter. These skill sets influenced his fascination with problem solving, respect for material sensibility, and a love of mark making. He is a freak when it comes to painting , and feels juts as comfortable mobbing a 200 ft long walls as he does gouaches on 24″ x 36″ paper.  Ben is the creative powerhouse in WOW, and never has a shortage of opinions of how to solve problems.

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Hakam Misconi | member

Hakam considers Salt Lake City as his hometown, even though he’s from Iraq originally.

Living in Salt Lake since 2011, he has received his master degree in architecture from the University of Utah and he’s getting to know the city’s unique culture, people, opportunities, and challenges.

Although having been through different cultures, Hakam’s approach to Architecture and design is not about style or tradition, but functional and bold aesthetics that are designed to blend in and stand out at the same time.

Jon Turkula | member

Originally from Minnesota, Jon moved to Utah in 1998 to pursue a career in skiing, allowing summers free to work in various building trades varying from hand drafting, framing, and historic renovations.  A passion for carpentry, art and a sore body eventually lead Jon to leave his skiing career behind to finish his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah. In 2006 he graduated Cum Laude, then went on to attend Columbia University’s GSAPP program in New York.   After Columbia, Jon worked with various firms including working with Alejandro Zera Polo at Foreign Office Architects to develop competition entry designs. The following led to building and remodeling historic and new homes in upstate to New York, starting a small design firm in Minnesota focusing on graphic design, landscape design, and various small project.  A passion for the mountains, skiing and an outdoor lifestyle brought Jon back to Utah in 2012. Jon then worked doing design build for high end residential projects in Park City. In 2017, Greg Walker a friend from the University of Utah, asked Jon to join the WOW team and come back to his artistic, fabrication oriented roots, and work on varying scales of residential, multifamily, commercial projects.  The diversity of new experiences was hard to pass up. Jon still lives in Park City, and has a passion for helping his town develop responsibly and intelligently. He and his puppy Buddy (the office mascot) commute down to Salt Lake every day eager to see what we get to work on next.

Kristi Faught | member




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