Salt Lake City, Utah




WOW atelier


Atelier HQ is all things, all of the time!  A design studio for architecture, interior design, activitations, and art; a place for lectures, gallery strolls, and impromptu meetings amongst creatives.  Above all it’s a sanctuary for creative ideas to be fostered, nurtured, and brought to reality in a space that was designed with all of this in mind.

wow hq interior design

The space was once an abandoned restaurant, with no floors, just floor joists and dirt below.  It was an incredible challenge to imagine a space with the stench of grease so strong we had to wear masks in the beginning being a place that would become so special in defining who we are.  Our budget was tiny, but our imagination was limitless, and our ability to build our own designs allowed us to see the space done at a high level, with minimal costs.  Additionally, to help reduce project cost and overhead the design team acted as it’s own general contractor, selected and sourced affordable materials from familiar local reps, and use the studio walls as gallery space to display the work of local artists.

We took an abandoned space on a street corner that was dead, and have made it a vibrant corner people take pride in.  In our minds it is the ultimate form of Sustainability to re-use space, and breathe life back into places so they can be re-imagined.

Our very existence depends on collaboration, without it we think we fail to exist honestly.  This project was intensely collaborative between architects, interior designers, artists, and the fabrication team.  In this case, all of those parties mentioned are in one studio.  The goal from day one of this project was to allow every voice in the room to carry equal weight, and not allow any one discipline to dominate the space, and its needs, it was a quest for a perfect amalgamation of all disciplines.

There is no detail un-touched, no moment in the space not iterated countless times, we did everything in our power to not leave a single square inch not considered.  We designed the space, used our own 5,000 sf fabrication facility and built in every bespoke piece of furniture, shelving, booths, bar, and slat wall with a maple, and brass to stitch together the space in a cohesive way.  Our Studio also selected, and installed all the furniture from the moooi lamps to the Fabio Novembre chairs.