Sundance TV HQ

Sundance Film Festival 2020




Park City, Utah


Experiential Brand Activation, Sundance Film Festival


VERB, Sundance TV


This year’s Sundance TV HQ was accelerated collisions!

The Verb team conceptualized the creative strategy that “seeking connection is an innate feeling that consistently challenges us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the world around us. we hear about it in song lyrics, see it play out in movies and watch the journey episode-by-episode in our favorite shows. these stories inspire us to navigate our own hang-ups about vulnerability, take risks and create meaning in our own lives through love and community.

But how do we foster that behavior during sundance film festival when there is so much to see and so many people to talk to in a limited amount of time?

Sundance TV HQ 2020 will use colorful exhibits and interactives; as well as key programming, to start conversations, kick off adventures and maybe even spark a new film project. in the end, the space will be transformed into a vibrant main street salon that will open our eyes and deepen our experiences — with ourselves and one another.”


WOW atelier; Gregory Walker, Benjamin Wiemeyer, Jon Turkula, Natalie Peterson, Hakam Mesconi, Chimso Onwuegbu

WOW +; Benjamin Wiemeyer, John Burdick, Kevin Lucey, Robert Villalvazo


verb; Gavin Allen, Yadira Harrison, Pauline Cronin, Karrie broderick

Tiff Porter styler + design, Tiff Porter