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Ultradent {Cafeteria}



Ultradent {Cafeteria}

We were honored to have worked with such an amazingly kind, talented, passionate industry leading company like Ultradent!  Their dedication for what they do is second to none, and the efforts they go to in order to make sure their employees have the very best work environment is frankly humbling!  We worked hand and hand on this cafe remodel in a highly collaborative environment with the Ultradent folks, Layton Construction, and CCG Howells to create a great space for their team to chill out and enjoy a meal with their co-workers.  We had a few short weeks in design, and Layton construction worked their magic and burned the midnight oil over the Christmas season to build the entire remodel out in just 3 weeks!!   

project completed: 2016

location:  Ultradent Headquarters, 10200 South 505 West, South Jordan

the team:

WOW atelier: Greg Walker, Chimso Onwuegbu, Ethan Barley

Layton Construction Company: Jeff Snideman, Eric Allen

CCG Howells: Trina Nicholson, Megan Hancey

Ultradent: Audrey Mede


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