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Sustain the Granary

The founding members of WOW were also part of a core group of passionate leaders of the AIA Utah Young Architects Forum. Greg Walker the Chair along with Co Chairs Ben Wiemeyer, Hanna Vaughn , Preston Croxford, and a long list of amazingly talented friends put together many amazing projects over five years. This was one of them! The YAF partnered with SLC Green Drinks and Jane’s Walk to spotlight many of the great businesses in the district over a walking tour. Sustain the Granary was all about opening up a discussion with fellow lovers of Salt Lake City about the amazing potential of a neighborhood verging on metamorphosis. Simple formula: really good drinks, ten ripping, up-and-coming photographers showcasing the beauty of the district, and great music by DJs Sam Eye Am and Street Jesus=one amazing night!

featured photographers:
Verl Adams, Caitlin Blue, Bethany Fischer, Cambriah Heaton, James Holmes, Trevor Muhler, Jacob Nuttall, Blake Palmer, Cat Palmer, and Dave Ward.

the team:

YAF Utah: Greg Walker, Ben Wiemeyer, Hanna Vaughn, Chimso Onwuegbu, Lauren Brown, Robert Pinion, Preston Croxford, Trevor Muhler

Event images courtesy Heber Slabbert

Special thanks to Jorge Fiero and Frida Bistro for hosting the event!

event date: June 15, 2012


Artspace Commons { 824 S 400 W } 

Ruby Snap { 770 S 300 W }

Granary Row { 336 W 700 S } 

Level Nine Sports { 660 S 400 W }

Frida Bistro { 545 W 700 S }

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