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As a group of young designers, we want to contribute to the conversation of what shape our City will take in the future. As the AIA Utah Young Architects Forum with Greg Walker as the chair and an amazing list of Co-chairs listed below we set out on a year and a half long journey to create a meaningful design competition that would get everyday people talking about how good design in the planning of our city matters.

SixtyNine Seventy invited design teams from around the world to re-envision the circulation areas and passages of two blocks in Salt Lake City’s downtown. The entrants prepared comprehensive plans for the in-between spaces, exploring how the connective tissue could link the area’s cultural amenities.  The 15 shortlisted teams along with some of  the images that were all part of this event are on this page, we hope you enjoy it!

The prize money totaled over $120,000.00 USD, with over 300 entrants from 60 countries!

the jury:

Greg Pasquarelli { SHoP Architects }

Cathy Lang Ho { Founder of The Architect’s Newspaper }

Mitchell A. Hirsch { Principal, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects }

Wins Bridgeman { BridgmanCollaborative Architecture }

Kirk Huffaker { Executive Director, Utah Heritage Foundation }

Molly O’Neill Robinson, AICP { Urban Designer, Salt Lake City }

Ben McAdams { Salt Lake County Mayor }

Stan Penfold { Salt Lake City }

AIA Utah Young Architects Forum team:

Chair: Greg Walker

Co-Chairs: Lauren Brown, Christopher Henderson, Trevor Muhler, Chimso Onwuegbu, Robert Pinion, Hanna Vaughn, Ben Wiemeyer


AIA Utah team:

Emily Fairbanks

Elizabeth Mitchell { Past AIA Utah Executive Director }

Heather Wilson { Current AIA Utah Executive Director }


sixtynine seventy board:

Dina Blaes { Exoro Group }

Maura Carabello { Exoro Group }

Matt Dahl { Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City }

Jesse Dean { Downtown Alliance }

Geralyn Dreyfous { Utah Film Center }

Phil Jordan { Salt Lake County }

Helen Langan { Salt Lake City }

Erin Litvack { Salt Lake County }

Jason Mathis { Downtown Alliance }

Ben McAdams { Salt Lake County }

Nole Walkingshaw { Salt Lake City }




Zions Bank

LDS Church

Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City

Sam and Diane Stewart


special thanks to:

The Leonardo

The Gateway

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