Hines {Office of the Future} The Gateway

Architecture + Branded Environments

Hines {Office of the Future} The Gateway



Office Of The Future :

{fresh start} a place to begin the day with coffee, juice or a nutritious breakfast to get in the right head space for the workday ahead {grab a bite} step away from your desk for a minute and refuel your body and mind {casual work space} grab your laptop or notebook and work in a group, collaborate or get some space to think {rejuvenate} step away from the hustle and bustle for a minute to breathe, have a moment to yourself, or channel your inner zen {do your thing} buckle down and power through your work in a productive environment {casual meeting} a place to meet with clients or co-workers for casual presentations or collaboration {conference room} a more private and formal meeting place for those high profile clients or serious discussions {being John Malkovich} read a book in this secret library to get some serious thinking done



The Gateway, Salt Lake City, Utah 


Images Trevor Muhler


Project Team

Client Hines 

WOWatelier Gregory Walker  – Chimso Onwuegbu – Ben Wiemeyer – Jon Turkula



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