Facebook Vidcon 2017

Architecture + Branded Environments

Facebook Vidcon 2017



The Facebook “Creator’s Lounge” at this years 2017 Vidcon Conference was all about providing an environment for “creators” to get away from the mayhem of the overall event, and have a space to chill out and produce their original content.  The challenge for us as the design and fabrication team was to create an oasis in the middle of a bustling convention center, a place that was capable of transporting people to another experiential world.  The vibe was Parker Palm Springs-like in a way, with real palm trees, boxwood hedges, fire pits, pergolas, and mid mod furniture sprinkled in small knock like areas to transport guests to another place.  We hope you were able to experience it in person, but if not we hope the video, and images tell the story!

Project Team
WOW atelier:
Greg Walker
Ben Wiemeyer
Jon Turkula
Jillian Kliewer
Trevor Muhler
Chimso Onwuegbu
Kirby Lockard
Civic Entertainment:
Jee Han
Natasha Sokulski
Jennifer Boardman
Eunice Huang
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