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The Chateaux Deer Valley



The Chateaux Deer Valley

Originally designed as the third phase of the Chateaux Condo Hotel project, the client was looking for an innovative solution to their declining sales. With an exterior envelope that couldn’t be changed, the goal was to design an update to the roughly 60 hotel units. The solution was to re-imagine the interior of the 65,000 square foot hotel as individual private residences. The final product was a 19 unit luxury condominium club which evoked the essence of an elegant French Chateau, updated with modern luxuries and personal touches to create the ideal Deer Valley vacation home.

project completed: 2006

location: 7815 Royal Street, Park City, Utah

the team:

WOW atelier: Chimso Onwuegbu { Project Architect at Elliott Mahoney }, Norm Schoenherr

Silver Lake Associates: Donald Resnick, Lynn Shostack, Jeff Werbelow

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