Airbnb Haus { 2016 }

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Airbnb Haus { 2016 }



Airbnb Haus {2016}

This year’s Airbnb Haus was the result of a highly collaborative team assembled by Airbnb that included the design firm WOW Atelier and the Civic Entertainment Group.  The concept was simple, Sundance at its heart is about the beauty of storytelling, and the Haus was a vessel for that this year, not just a place to relax, but a place for festival goers to come and actively participate, enjoy, and leave a mark.  The theme Airbnb created was ‘Local Characters live here’

“At the heart of every film, there is a cast of characters that bring it to life. The same can be said about the characters we meet in the places we call home. These local characters entertain us, draw us in, they make our worlds worth sharing…” Airbnb.




project completed: 2016

location: 596 Main Street, Park City, Utah

images © Trevor Muhler

the team:

WOW atelier: Gregory Walker, Ben Wiemeyer, Chimso Onwuegbu, and Ethan Barley

Civic Entertainment Group: William Quinby, Jamie Masters,  Nick Weaver, Rustin Olson, Andrew Yoo

Airbnb: Christian Rongavilla

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