about WOW atelier



WOW cares deeply about design and designing fearlessly.  
Our mission is to enrich lives by engaging in purposeful design, boldly venturing beyond the ordinary and collaboratively shaping environments where precision converges with an ineffable essence. 
The work is about crafting immersive experiences that tell stories, evoke emotions and inspire profound connections. 

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downtown ogden masterplan
stein erikson lot 3

our process


we go through a collaborative process with each client to develop a specific logic that solves their unique needs. When we mold physical spaces to create a new reality, a new image, and a new means of operation specific to the uniqueness of every project. It is our hope that through this process every project results in a hyper-specific piece of architecture of modern interior, modern ranch house, art gallery, residential and commercial. Similar to bespoke tailored clothing. We believe each project we touch should be unique to our clients.

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