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Designing for a client is a humbling experience. There is something amazing about the faith it takes for someone to come to you and say, “We need your help with an idea and we trust you to execute it.”  As a design firm you cherish nothing more than that opportunity to translate your client’s ideas into something tangible. On occasion something special comes your way and you can feel it, it’s palpable, and when you start to work on it your heart beats a bit faster and the gravity of what you’re working on sets in.  We have had the opportunity to work on such a project and we wanted to share our experience with you…

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We had been fortunate to work on the latest Greek Souvlaki in Lehi, Utah and in the process got to know  the family behind this Utah staple. We knew that it all started some 40 years ago, and that they were the first people to bring a Gyro to Utah. What we did not know was the owners, who we affectionately call ‘the brothers’ (Frank, Leo, and Chris), were so proud of what their Dad had created, they were thinking of opening another restaurant in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City named after him. They would still honor their Greek traditions and infuse it with their own personal moxy!  After getting to know them and their history and then meeting their Dad, we knew we had a fantastic project on our hands.

WOW atelier-Padelli

Imagine for a moment what the weathered, handsome, mortal descendent of a Greek God, fishing off the coast of Greece, might  look like?…meet Padeli! He and his son’s ideas and inspirations have been the driving force in the design of this elegant little restaurant.

The family we have come to love known as Greek Souvlaki have been working tirelessly to create what we believe to be the most authentic ‘street Greek’ food you could ever have tickle your tongue, and while for over 40 years the brothers and their Dad have been taking care of our love of traditional Greek needs, this is a whole new gig, and this food will blow your mind!

So please come and  join us with Chris, Leo, Frank… and Padeli! for the opening of Padeli’s and try some astonishingly delicious food in this chic atmosphere that is unique to our city!

Opening day is Monday January 4th, we look forward to seeing you there!

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