Airbnb Haus Sundance 2016

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Airbnb Haus Sundance 2016



Airbnb Haus Sundance 2016

Sundance for our firm over the past few years has offered us new and exhilarating experiences.  The festival has this other side of international brands coming to town and showing their support of film, so they invest heavily in crafting experiences in support of the festival. We have been lucky enough to work with Airbnb, and have been blown away by the level commitment to creativity they bring to our State for this short ten day window.  They work closely with civic entertainment group (a Seacrest global group) who has marketing on lockdown working with people like HBO and Lady Gaga to name a few. So we here at WOW cant get enough of the collaborative process with this team because they operate at such a high level!

This year was particularly intense for us because we wanted to handle the project “soup to nuts” meaning design, fabricate, install, and then dress the space.  It was a big undertaking but when we saw there was a chance to work with creatives at Airbnb and civic we knew we had to do it!  This year’s Airbnb Haus concept centered around “Local Characters Live Here” exploring the idea that people from all over the world have amazing stories from their own neighborhoods, experiences, and travels. People could share these stories via social media in the form of multiple installations and interactive venues. Airbnb curated the installations to push the idea of story telling and sharing of ideas, to speak to the heart of sundance, and we think we accomplished this. The installations included Adobe with their installation “Pillow Talk”, Shared Studios and the “Portals” project, the amazing artist from London Brendan Dawes, as well as McSweeney’s an independent press based in San Francisco.  Collaborating with these amazing people was humbling, but we were elated to be a part of the process with them, not only to showcase their amazing work, but to help create an immersive environment that tied everything together.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so we hope you had the chance to come up and experience Sundance, Park City, and this year’s Airbnb Haus in person, but if not here is a quick glimpse of our contribution.

WOW Atelier_Airbnb Haus 2016_Park City_Pocket Stories

Artist Brendan Dawes “Local Murmurs” was an installation with 12 mini printers that allowed both Haus guests as well as the Airbnb community to share tall tales, juicy secrets, and local legends from their hometown via text.  Those stories were then printed out once a stranger in the Haus pushed the button on the printer, allowing them to read it, then hang it on the Japanese prayer like immersive installation.

WOW Atelier_Airbnb Haus 2016_Park City_Door to Portals

Shared Studios “Portals” allowed Huas guests to step inside an immersive environment and be transported to distant places around the globe where you would meet local characters from Mexico City, Mexico, Havana, Cuba and Isfahan, Iran.


“Adobe Pillow talk” was for festival goers as well as celebrity interviews.  It was a place to share your dreams and visions with folks from around the world.

WOW Atelier_Airbnb Haus 2016_Park City_Collaborative City Mural

“Collaborative City Mural” by McSweeney’s was a place for Haus guests to draw in their inspiration from their own neighborhood.

WOW Atelier_Airbnb Haus 2016_Park City_Terrarium

Local Artist Jodi Mardesich Smith created three exquisite terrariums based on Airbnb properties from around the globe!

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